International Acclaim for the Odd Duck Inn

“Enjoyed the stay, staying with you at the Odd Duck Inn was the unexpected treat of our trip! We both got Mule Deer. Thanks for the use of the reading material, Seems like I got as much of a history lesson as my son Joseph.” Mark Fincher, Alabama USA

“Our time spent with you was the highlight of our U.S. tour. Your suggestion of places to visit like Fort Robinson were excellent. We can’t wait to return.” Ralf Kumpel, Berlin Germany.

“An extra benefit of visiting Oglala Lakota College was spending time with Tilda and Mark St. Pierre who drove us around the reservation to meet Lakota Artists.” Geri and Alan Kagan, USA

“Arthur and I cherish the time we spent at the Odd Duck. Here are some pictures of the great times we had together at the Odd Duck Inn. Mark I miss you stories and Tilda I miss you telling Mark to shut up. Producing the Aurora Borealis on cue for us to see was truly magical.” Beryl Caizzi, Paris, France.

“Johan loved his visit with you and Tilda at the Odd Duck. He said it was if he had made new friends or reunited with an old ones. We hope you can visit us in Sweden soon.” Emma Johansson, Sweden

“My trip to the Pine Ridge reservation was a revelation. I loved out evening talks and all the information you shared. We’ll end up working together to bring folks from Pine Ridge to England!” Steven Coen Manchester, England

“Tilda, I want you to know I cherish every single moment I spent with you to express my gratitude to both of you and treasure so much my time spent with you at the Odd Duck Inn. I miss the million stories Mark’s had in store for every occasion and your amazing hospitality!” Laura Segatori, Rome Italy

Words cannot tell you what my trip and the time I spent with you means to me. I feel as if I have a new family in the USA. The time you both spent explaining the Lakota culture I will always treasure. Martin Bregonje Amsterdam, Holland

We sure appreciate all of your help with interviews and the beautiful vistas for our travel show on Gaelic Language National Television! The entire TV Crew! Dublin, Ireland

Tilda I know we’ll be back soon, my daughter got her first turkey there and now its in her blood. She’s already bugging me to go back. Bill McDaniels Florida USA

I miss South Dakota and feel as if I was always meant to live there. Our stay at your Odd Duck Inn was truly wonderful, I’ll tell our Lakota Society in Rome all about you! Alessia Copersini Rome, Italy